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Just as our TEM program reduces your telecom expenses, our Utility Expense Management (UEM) program does the same for your utility expenses. Our Utility Audit encompasses electricity, natural gas, water and sewer services. See our "Other Services" page for more information on our Utility Audit and our other services.

E-rate Services

Our E-rate Consultants perform all of these necessary tasks through our E-Rate Services program. An in-depth knowledge of the E-Rate program’s requirements and restrictions in addition to our telecom and data industry background, give our E-rate Consultants the tools necessary to assure that you’re receiving the maximum award in the timeliest fashion. As your E-rate Consultant we will work closely with you every step of the way!

BTU Consultants is an independent telecommunications consulting firm. We assist our clients in all facets of telecommunications, including Telecommunications Expense Management (TEM), Telecom Audit, E-rate Consulting Services for Schools and Libraries, and Wireless Optimization.

Our consultants provide high level, personalized customer service to assure that our clients’ needs are immediately met. This dedication, in conjunction with our in-depth telecom industry knowledge, provides our clients with positive results that are reflected on their bottom line. Our clients are our best cheerleaders!

Telecommunications Expense Management

Our clients’ average savings of 20% to 60% of their telecom bills...PLUS REFUNDS!

With our Telecommunications Expense Management (TEM) program, our independent telecom consultants take all of these pains away! We perform a thorough telecom audit to assure that you’re billed correctly. If we find overcharges or inappropriate charges, we perform all necessary work to obtain the REFUNDS.

Included in your Telecom Expense Management report, will be an inventory of all of your telecom lines and services, as well as recommendations to reduce your ongoing expenses. With our consultant certified by the TIA in Converged Network Technologies on your team, you will have the in-depth industry knowledge to make the best decisions.

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